Problems w. Compiling on WinNT

ahalbri2 at ahalbri2 at
Tue Aug 17 05:44:05 PDT 1999

> Weird, I've just built it on Cygwin 20.1/WNT Server 4.0SP4 (maybe
> SP3?), on a 486!!!, and it appears to be working fine.  Which versions
> (Cygwin, WNT) are you using?
I tried to compile the latest kaffe snapshot with Cygwin B20.1 and the
Cygwin snapshot from January on two different Windows platforms and got
always the same error message.
- Windows NT 4.0 Workstation with SP3 (Build 1381) on Pentium II/350
- Windows 95 B on Pentium 150

Maybe it would be useful to install SP 4 on NT?!?


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