Compiling Kaffe 1.0b4 on Win96/CYGWIN/ make check fails

Archie Cobbs archie at
Tue Aug 17 12:50:00 PDT 1999

jim hopper writes:
> thanks for thinking about me!  My problem turned out to be user 
> stupidity.  i did nt know how it was supposed to work.  my failure is 
> that i get no printout of any kind when running java classes. they 
> don't barf, or otherwise indicate a problem, they just fail to print 
> anything out.  i thought the out file was the output, but its 
> actually the expected results, its the fail file which in my case is 
> blank that has my output.
> I havent gotten back to lok at why yet. someone suggested trying 
> jikes as the java compiler.  i tried to build it but it wants wchar.h 
> and won't even configure because i don't have it even though i set 
> the system up to -DNO_WCHAR.  so i dropped that for now.  i am going 
> to mod native_methods.c to have it do the printout of what it gets so 
> i can debug the sysdepCallMethods without getting any java output.

For jikes, what version are you trying to compile? 0.47 should work
without any wchar.h file.

For 0.55, try creating "wchar.h" with these contents:

  #define NO_WCHAR_H     1
  static wchar_t *
  wcscpy(wchar_t *ws1, const wchar_t *ws2)
	 wchar_t *const rtn = ws1;

	 while ((*ws1++ = *ws2++) != 0)
	 return ws1;


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