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Tue Feb 16 08:50:47 PST 1999

> >>>>> "RK" == Ren-Song Ko <korenson at> writes:
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> Is this the message? ;-)
> I get all you mail twice through the kaffe list.  Is this you or am I
> subscribed twice?
> The other thing is, I recently subscribe to the list.  The
> subscribtion request returned with some correction.  In the meantime
> two bug reports have left my machine.  Did they arrive at the list?

Yes, they have.

When sending bug reports, it would be helpful to mention the
version of kaffe you're using and the platform you are running on.
Ideally, you'd also mention what configure options you passed to
configure (if any) if you built the kaffe binary yourself.

> Here are short forms of them:
> Report A:
> Float happend to be broken.  I found that Float(String) gave the same
> as Float().  Also Float.floatValueOf(String) did not work except when
> giving a string constant.  As a workaround I replaced it through my
> prog with Double - which works.  I could not figure how this can be,
> as the souce proofed that Float is implemented with Double.

I vaguely remember some problem with that that was fixed since 1.0b3.
The best thing here is to produce a short test case that shows the

You should also try the current CVS repository or the last snapshot.

> Report B:
> When I start up a very simple awt application (using X) I wrote merly
> for demonstration purpose, it always comes up very fast the first
> time.  The second time the window appear with a chance of 1 out of 6.
> If I start another X app then the kaffe/awt app comes up immidiatly.
> It appear as if every second X initialization fails.  Playing around
> with other X apps sometimes fixes it.

You said that a library symbol wasn't found, right?
I've seen similar problems under Linux, and it's not clear to me
where they come from.

You could try to link Kaffe statically (configure --with-staticlib) and 
see whether that has any impact on this situation.

> Here is Report C:
> When I start kawa (a nice scheme implementation in java) as "kawa -w"
> it always comes up (opposed to report B).  I can type as the kawa
> prompt, but when I press enter, nothing seems to happen.  (If I start
> kawa without the -w, which starts it up as a command line application, 
> I can talk to it as expeted.)

No clue.

> And an additional question:
> When I run my app, which doesn't do much except puting together some
> sql statements out of a dialog and send them to a subprocess (no jdbc
> involved, just wrinting to a pipe), and I type in approximatly 150x7
> strings (which took about 1 1/2 hour real time), the kaffe machine eat 
> up about 15 minuts cpu time, much more that the X server or everything 
> else.  Is this normal?  Not that it was too slow (well, the machin is
> fast) but it appear somewhat inefficient to me.  Also cut&past from X
> takes for ever (approx half a sec).

I have no clue on this one, either.

	- Godmar

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