memory defragmentation & a question

Joerg Wittenberger Joerg.Wittenberger at
Tue Feb 16 09:11:49 PST 1999

>>>>> "GB" == Godmar Back <gback at> writes:

GB> When sending bug reports, it would be helpful to mention the
GB> version of kaffe you're using and the platform you are running on.
GB> Ideally, you'd also mention what configure options you passed to
GB> configure (if any) if you built the kaffe binary yourself.

It's a Linux x86 (Debian) box.  I fetched the binary (.rpm) and did
not bother compiling it myself.

GB> I vaguely remember some problem with that that was fixed since
GB> 1.0b3.  The best thing here is to produce a short test case that

kaffe -version tells me:
Engine: Just-in-time   Version: 1.00   Java Version: 1.1

This seems not to be 1.0b3.  Sorry, work is pending, no verification
and test case right now.

GB> You should also try the current CVS repository or the last
GB> snapshot.

That's kind a overload.  I was just about to try it.  I'll spent that
time another day.

GB> You said that a library symbol wasn't found, right?  I've seen
GB> similar problems under Linux, and it's not clear to me where they
GB> come from.

Neither me.

GB> You could try to link Kaffe statically (configure
GB> --with-staticlib) and see whether that has any impact on this
GB> situation.

I'll keep that as well. Thanks.

>>  Here is Report C:
>> When I start kawa (a nice scheme implementation in java) as "kawa
>> -w" it always comes up (opposed to report B).  I can type as the
>> kawa prompt, but when I press enter, nothing seems to happen.  (If
>> I start kawa without the -w, which starts it up as a command line
>> application, I can talk to it as expeted.)

GB> No clue.

Thats a pity.  Kawa was actually the thing I was interesed in.  What I 
need is a scheme.

Thanks anyway.


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