memory defragmentation & a question

Jules Bean jmlb2 at
Tue Feb 16 10:20:41 PST 1999

On 16 Feb 1999, Joerg Wittenberger wrote:

> >>>>> "GB" == Godmar Back <gback at> writes:
> GB> When sending bug reports, it would be helpful to mention the
> GB> version of kaffe you're using and the platform you are running on.
> GB> Ideally, you'd also mention what configure options you passed to
> GB> configure (if any) if you built the kaffe binary yourself.
> It's a Linux x86 (Debian) box.  I fetched the binary (.rpm) and did
> not bother compiling it myself.

It's worth pointing out, to any Debianers on the list, that I have
unofficial but working kaffe+pizza debs here.


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