Serialized form

Artur Biesiadowski abies at
Mon Nov 29 02:58:18 PST 1999

For now java.util.ArrayList (and I suppose a lot of other classes) is
not compatible with one serialized from JDK because of different
serialVersionUID. ArrayList do not seem to have published it's ID, so it
is probably computed in normal way from name/fields.

Could we legally check serialver for JDK class library and include their
IDs in classpath classes ? Also, are there any other reasons to not do
it ?

I know that it is stupid for sun to not publish ids, but this kills
serialization - classpath, kaffe and sun JDK has different ids from each
other. Of course I can workaround it in my installation, by replacing
certain kaffe classes with sun's ones, but it is not a long term

Sorry for crossposting, but it affects both projects (kaffe and
classpath). If you want to discuss only one of them, please delete
second destination from To: list.


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