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Archie Cobbs archie at
Wed Apr 12 10:39:05 PDT 2000

Chris Gray writes:
> > The "best" thing for you to do is write your code on your desktop
> > with the Sun JDK 1.2 installed. Then when your code is finished
> > and you have created your regression tests, compile and run the
> > same code on Kaffe (the GPLed version). If the code does not compile
> > with Kaffe, post a note to the list describing the problem. If you
> > can not fix it yourself, I am sure someone can help you figure
> > out how to fix it. If you can fix the problem yourself, then
> > fix the bug in Kaffe and send a patch to the list.
> You should probably add that what Julien *shouldn't* do is look at the
> Sun JDK sources to see how to fix kaffe.  In fact if he wants to
> contribute to kaffe then he shouldn't look at Sun's sources at all, right?

Right.. if you do, you become "contaminated" :-)


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