[kaffe] success: OpenBSD+jedit3.2.2

Andrew Dalgleish kaffe at andrewdalgleish.dyndns.org
Thu Apr 18 07:34:02 PDT 2002

Just a small data point to cheer you up.

It mostly works, but is too slow to be usable.
(I'm halfway through a move, and I'm testing on a P90)

configure # no args
#replace libtool with older version from ports
gmake install
(I get a single FAIL in ModuloTest)

I installed the swing libraries without the jdk by
doing "make package" "pkg_add -f".

kaffe -jar jedit322install.jar
works as-is

The supplied jedit script doesn't work; it can't find
the swing libraries. I set CLASSPATH manually and ran
kaffe <classname>.

Some plugins (eg firewall) complain about the VM's
version number, but the basic editor works.

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