[kaffe] Release Candidate 1 this weekend

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Thu Apr 18 12:34:35 PDT 2002


Sorry, I haven't gotten Release Candidate 1 (RC1) out yet.  I just wanted to
do a few things first:

 1) Clear out my backlog of patches and emails out of my inbox
 2) Try compiling it on a few more platforms (Linux works, I just installed
NetBSD, I'm going to try it on my iBook (Mac OS X/Darwin), and I'll take a
stab at cygwin/mingw32)
 3) Fix the libtool issue
 4) Look at whether or not kjc should be updated
 5) Incorporate rebuilding of the class libraries into the build procedure
(the PocketLinux kaffe does this, using a cut-down "Klasses.jar.default"
bootstrap library).  If we can get rid of having to check in a binary
Klasses.jar into CVS each time it gets updated, that would be really nice,
since the Klasses.jar,v file in the CVS repository is currently 107MB!,
which explains why it's so slow to check stuff out.
6) Do the "Ports" and "Credits" pages on the website

Hopefully, with a little help, I can get RC1 done this weekend.

I haven't had too much time for the Kaffe.org stuff over the past few
weeks -- Transvirtual is paying for part of the time I spend on this, and
it's more important for them that I get the new KaffePro product up to a
certain level before I pump a whole bunch of time into the free version.
But I'm still committed to getting the release out, soon.


 - Jim

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