[kaffe] quick question method lookups

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Fri Aug 2 15:35:55 PDT 2002

> gonzo wrote:
> > in the verifier i'm attempting to figure out of a method in a class has
> > been overriden by a subclass (for finding out if final methods have been
> > overriden, which is bad).  right now i'm doing string comparrisons
> > (gasp!).
> I wouldn't worry too much about the performance of the verifier to
> start with...  wait and benchmark it.  The vast majority of classes

I completely agree with Pat.  Don't waste your time optimizing the 
verifier, especially not when it involves a cost in space.
The JIT could run twice as fast or twice as slow, the impact on
any important benchmark would be negligible since it's a one-time-cost.  
The same could not be said for an increase in gc pressure caused by 
your keeping unnecessary hash tables.

Get the verifier correct, spend your time optimizing the generated code.

Aside from that - are you sure you're doing string comparisons?
I thought we were using utf8ConstEqual on interned utf8s in findMethod
and friends (if the string to which you're comparing is one that is 
interned anyway - otherwise, see first paragraph!)

	- Godmar

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