[kaffe] using ant to build kaffe - ant needs non-free java!

Grzegorz Prokopski gadek at debian.org
Sun Aug 4 07:12:09 PDT 2002


I've read in java ml archives that you're going to use ant to build 
kaffe. Unfortunatelly ant is still in contrib - it means, it needs 
non-free java to be build and/or used. 

I have packaged ArgoUML as my first Java package - since that time 
I am closely tracking what chances are to have this package or 
as much as possible of its build and runtime dependencies - 
non-dependant on non-free stuff. 

So I digged a bit around - it seems that since ant is contrib - any 
code that uses ant - will be at best in contrib too. All the libs 
I packaged for ArgoUML use ant ;-) 

Here's what I got so far (not much, I know, I am not Java programmer, 
so if you could help me a bit - I may be able to push it further).

After some small and simple hacks in ant code and deb build setup
I got to the point where I am getting:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Object type doesn't match method's
	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:native)

and so on... (full output should be at
 http://home.sente.pl/greg/java.txt till I delete the file)

I found out, that the problem was already reported, however nobody
even replayed to the mail:

Maybe 1.0.7 kaffe release (not packaged for debian yet) solved
the problem? (what's the real problem here btw?)

Any hints?

					Grzegorz B. Prokopski

PS: I am NOT subscibed to the list, so please Cc: me the messages
if you can. thanks.

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