[kaffe] Re: using ant to build kaffe - ant needs non-free java!

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun Aug 4 08:02:12 PDT 2002

Actually, I wasn't planning on using ant.  I think Dalibor suggested it,
but I already have some code that is just plain Java that does the
trick.  I haven't finished it off yet though - don't expect to see that
for several months (depending on what time I have available).

I'd be interested in hearing how well 1.0.7 runs ant.  

Ean Scheussler maintains the .deb - I'd ask him about when he's going to
have time to put out 1.0.7.  I'm sure it fixes some bugs (but possibly
creates more).


 - Jim

On Sun, 2002-08-04 at 07:12, Grzegorz Prokopski wrote:
> Hello! 
> I've read in java ml archives that you're going to use ant to build 
> kaffe. Unfortunatelly ant is still in contrib - it means, it needs 
> non-free java to be build and/or used. 
> I have packaged ArgoUML as my first Java package - since that time 
> I am closely tracking what chances are to have this package or 
> as much as possible of its build and runtime dependencies - 
> non-dependant on non-free stuff. 
> So I digged a bit around - it seems that since ant is contrib - any 
> code that uses ant - will be at best in contrib too. All the libs 
> I packaged for ArgoUML use ant ;-) 
> Here's what I got so far (not much, I know, I am not Java programmer, 
> so if you could help me a bit - I may be able to push it further).
> After some small and simple hacks in ant code and deb build setup
> I got to the point where I am getting:
> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Object type doesn't match method's
> class
> 	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:native)
> 	at
> org.apache.tools.ant.IntrospectionHelper$9.set(IntrospectionHelper.java:751)
> 	at
> org.apache.tools.ant.IntrospectionHelper.setAttribute(IntrospectionHelper.java:426)
> and so on... (full output should be at
>  http://home.sente.pl/greg/java.txt till I delete the file)
> I found out, that the problem was already reported, however nobody
> even replayed to the mail:
> http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2002-April/007883.html
> Maybe 1.0.7 kaffe release (not packaged for debian yet) solved
> the problem? (what's the real problem here btw?)
> Any hints?
> 					Grzegorz B. Prokopski
> PS: I am NOT subscibed to the list, so please Cc: me the messages
> if you can. thanks.

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