[kaffe] Status of Playstation 2 patches

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Thu Dec 12 10:55:11 PST 2002

Hi Kevin,

--- "Kevin D. Kissell" <kevink at mips.com> wrote:
> Note that some of the stuff that I filed as MIPS
> patches
> is either identical or equivalent to some of Dylan's
> PS2
> patches - indeed, one of the reasons I got seriously
> engages was that I could see that Dylan was labeling
> fixes "PS2" that were actually pretty generic to
> (that's not a bad reflection on him - when the only
> MIPS you have is a PS2, all problems look like PS2
> problems!).  The main differences are that the GP/FP
> offset in the stack frame is very different on the
> PS2,
> due to the extended registers, and that the PS2
> lacks
> functioning LL/SC instructions, despite being an
> advanced
> MIPS processor.  Newer versions of MIPS/Linux will
> emulate those instructions, but I don't think those
> new
> kernels are up and running widely on PS2s yet.

On a lighter note: my only mips is a philips velo
handheld and runs Windows CE at the moment;) I think
I'd have to get the Micosoft Visual C++ for Embedded
Systems, in order to merge in the KaffeCE port, but
I'd like to sort out the situation on Cygwin first,
then maybe MingW before I go near Visual C++. I'd like
to have everything work on the Win32 platforms for
which there already is some support in kaffe or
pocketlinux first.

There is a linux kernel for my velo, 2.3.99 something
from linux-vr, but I am not a kernel hacker, and
support for the philips mips chip hasn't been merged
into any of the two current linux kernel mips trees
yet, as far as I know.

> P.S.  I still haven't been able to get back to the
> bugs
>          in the MIPS JIT.  They mostly seem to have
> to
>          do with the complicated gcc argument
> passing
>          conventions for MIPS, particularly for
> mixed
>          FP/integer parameter lists.  Has anyone
> else
>          made any progress here?

Have you looked at the pocketlinux kaffe sources? Here
is a sysdepMethodCall written in MIPS assembler with a
few complaints about the "horrible calling convention"

best regards,

dalibor topic

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