[kaffe] problems with jikes 1.16 and kaffe

Valentin Valchev v_valchev at prosyst.bg
Tue Jul 16 06:24:52 PDT 2002

I thinkg jikes 1.16 is the first one with support for jdk 1.4 assert statements
This could be the possible problem since this will increase class version number
(bytecode specification)

Maybe klasses.jar should be compiled with -target option supplied to jikes compiler.
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  Jikes 1.16 is out. I'm surrently experiencing problems
  with a Klasses.jar, that was compiled using jikes

  make Klasses followed by make check will make various
  tests fail, some of them really hard (wc.java just
  seems to take forever). That does not happen if I use
  kaffe's kjc, for example (or jikes 1.15 to compile ust
  the tests) Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?

  If so, I'll add a note to the FAQ.classlibrary-compile
  to avoid jikes 1.16.

  best regards,

  dalibor topic

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