Mathieu Dube mdube at 8d.com
Tue Jul 16 12:21:37 PDT 2002

	just a little question I go in config/config.h and there's a define called 
ALIGNMENTOF_VOIDP I dont exactly know what its for but its set to 0.
	now I go in kaffe/kaffevm/classMethod.c and in the function 
resolveObjectFields its used in a division to the Macro BITMAP_NEW.
	I dont get any exception when I hit that code but map is 0 afterwards.

Also BITMAP_NEW is defined as KCALLOC which is in turn defined as jmalloc, I 
added a printf("sz:%d\n",sz) in jmalloc but it never seems to get there.

Anybody has input on those things?

Mathieu Dube -- mdube at 8d.com
8D Technologies Inc.

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