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                        Kaffe Weekly News - 2002 Sep 7

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   I had a great response from last weeks newsletter. Over a thousand
   people read it. I'd especially like to thank Jonathon Corbet of the
   [2]Linux Weekly News for linking to it.

   I'm a bit slow getting the newsletter out this week. Normally, I'd
   like to see it out closer to the weekend, but things have been very
   hectic for me this week -- I just got a new job, at [3]Digeo in Palo
   Alto, California! :-)

CVS Activity

   There were a lot of big changes this week (mostly thanks to Dalibor):

     * Dalibor merged in the zip/jar file handling code from JanosVM.
       Since I'm not too familiar with the deficiencies of the old code,
       I'm not exactly sure what it fixes, but it does look much more
       complete and it implements a cache. ([4]Changelog)
     * Dalibor implemented [5]java.lang.Package and added support for
       packages to [6]java.lang.ClassLoader (a 1.2 feature). It's a step
       on the road to getting full 1.2-style classloader semantics, which
       is also needed for 1.2-style security ([7]more information).
     * Dalibor checked in a big patch against the java.io.* classes. The
       patch added a lot of checks for invalid arguments (eg. negative
       buffer sizes, using closed streams, etc.), and fixed a number of
       bugs, and added some synchronization where it was needed, plus all
       sorts of other improvements. ([9]Changelog)
     * Dalibor implemented support for ISO3 country and language names,
       and locale specific country and language names (part of
       [10]java.util.Locale). ([11]Changelog)
     * Dalibor updated [12]java.util.Calendar and
       [13]java.util.GregorianCalendar to add support for dates before
       epoch start (1970). Use verbose constant names instead of
       numerical constants. Implemented computing dates using
       WEEK_OF_MONTH* and DAY_OF_WEEK. Modularized big methods into
       smaller ones. Added lots of comments. Cleaned it up in general.
     * Dalibor merged in a [15]java.awt.AWTPermission implementation from
       PocketLinux. ([16]Changelog)
     * Dalibor fixed the regression tests to use kjc by default (not
     * Pat checked in a modification to the ThreadInterrupt.java
       regression test to try to [17]get it to fail instead of just
       hanging indefinitely.

Mailing List Activity

   There was very little traffic on the mailing list this week, mostly
   just a few threads about compile problems continued from last week.

   Some highlights:

   jar problems reported fixed

     Arne Woerner reports that he's [18]no longer having the problems he
     experienced [19]when trying to view the content of a jar file. I'm
     guessing that the new jar / zip code that Dalibor merged in from
     JanosVM fixed the problem.

   kjc drops files in the wrong location?

     Ross Burton reported that [20]kjc was dropping files in the wrong
     location -- but neither [21]Ito Kazumitsu or [22]Muthuswamy R could
     duplicate the problem.

Patch Queue

   This is the list of posted patches that should go in, but haven't yet,
   either because they need more work, or I just haven't had the time to
   look at them yet.

   I had no spare time last week, so there are no changes.

    1. [23]ARM patch
    2. MIPS / Playstation patches
    3. fix gcc reordering of JNI functions with -O4

   I've got go back through several months of my mailing list archives
   searching for uncommitted patches. Feel free to point out any patches
   I don't appear to be taking action on, and I'll add them to the list.
   I've probably just lost them or have procrastinated for too long.

New Bugs

   The following bugs need to be "swept" into [24]FAQ.Known-Bugs:
    1. None.

   Note: I've got a lot more bugs saved in my email folders - it will
   take me some time to write them all up and organize them.

Resolved Bugs

   The following bugs need to be removed from [25]FAQ.Known-Bugs:

Ongoing Work and Sightings

   This is a little section where I'm going to spotlight some of the
   ongoing work. Please tell me what you're up to, and I'll list it here.

   New Listings:

     * Mark Wielaard is [26]planning to do some work in getting Kaffe to
       work with [27]GNU Classpath

   Ongoing Listings:

     * [28]Dalibor Topic has been doing most of the work lately. He's
       working on updating Kaffe to Java 1.2 classloader semantics and
       security features, and has been merging bits of the JanosVM and
       PocketLinux work back in. He's also been doing quite a bit of QA
       work in identifying bugs and fixing them, including a lot of Mauve
     * The [29]JanosVM project, which is based on Kaffe, is very active
       at the moment, and a lot of good things are coming out of it. Tim
       Stack and Pat Tullman have been very helpful.
     * Robert Gonzalez is working on a [30]bytecode verifier
       implementation for Kaffe as part of his thesis
     * Svante Arvedahl is doing his Master's thesis on [31]implementing
       an IA-64 JIT for Kaffe. Gwenole Beauchesne has already [32]gotten
       the interpreter to work for IA-64
     * I heard from Dalibor that Kiyo Inaba was working on trying to get
       some of the PocketLinux SuperH stuff merged in.
     * Dalibor also mentioned that Andrew Dalgleish is working on
       integrating the [33]BDBJ debugger into kaffe, which would be very
     * Kevin Kissell is doing some work to try to get Kaffe [34]working
       well again on MIPS
     * Dylan Schell [35]ported Kaffe to the PlayStation 2
     * Abdeslam BENZEGHIOUA is trying to get [36]Kaffe to compile on
       eCos, and could use some help. I'd love to see some eCos patches
       in the main tree so we could say it was supported.
     * Mark Juszczec is trying to [37]port Kaffe to the Helio PDA
     * Grzegorz Prokopski is a Debian developer, and is going to help me
       try to [38]get some clarifications on how the GPL licensing of
       Kaffe works, and whether or not it can legally be used as the
       basis for Debian's efforts to get more free Java applications into
       their main distribution
     * Godmar Back is one heck of a resource, I'm glad he's on the list,
       because he knows a lot more about Kaffe than me. :-)

   I'm sure I'm missing a lot of people. Tell me what you're doing, and
   I'll add you to the list!

Documentation News

   No documentation news this week.

Website / Server News

   The server still isn't moved yet. I've got a few more links and
   screenshots for the website, but I didn't have time to work on it this

Other Virtual Machine and Java News

   There are a lot of interesting developments going on in the free
   software and virtual machine space. I'd like to highlight some of them

   Sep 4 - [39]Jikes RVM - ([40]Announcement) - News from the Jikes RVM
   Project (Tutorial, Core team, Teaching info, Funding possibilities)

   Sep 4 - [41]Wonka - Here's a nice post from Chris Gray describing
   [42]garbage collection in Wonka.

   Sep 2 - [43]DotGNU Portable.Net 0.4.4 Released - ([44]Announcement)

   Sep 1 - [45]GNU Crypto 1.0.0 - ([46]Announcement) - Here's a
   description of [47]how it relates to the JCE (Java Cryptography
   Extension). It sounds like a similar project to [48]BouncyCastle)

   Aug 30 - [49]FLEX Harpoon development alpha - Here's a [50]description
   of the project from C. Scott Ananian.

   Aug 28 - [51]IKVM - This is cool, it's a JVM implementation for .NET
   by Jeroen Frijters. There are source and binary snapshots available.

   Aug 23 - [52]Mono 0.15 Released - ([53]Release Notes) - It's really
   coming along, by the looks of things.

   Aug 22 - [54]Aegis VM 0.1.1 Released - ([55]Announcement)

   Jul 28 - [56]Classpath / [57]ORP - Gansha Wu from Intel posted a
   [58]big patch that enables ORP to run the [59]ECPerf and [60]Java
   Petstore benchmarks on JBoss/Tomcat (a [61]major accomplishment).

   Jul 15 - [62]Jupiter 1.0.0 beta Released - I saw Patrick Doyle's
   presentation on it at JVM'02, it looks quite interesting.

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