[kaffe] Where can I find Biss-AWT?

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at web.de
Sat Apr 12 13:38:01 PDT 2003

Hi again...

>There are actually some java graphical toolkits (Zawal) that are Swing like and
>available under free software licensing terms. If you want to look into
>extending stuff, then creating a javax.swing wrapper for Zawal might be a
>better plan than to try to extend Biss AWT. Especially since Zawal is actively
>maintained ;)
Hmm, or maybe extending zawal would also be a fine idea ;-)

Could you give me a link, google didnt find anything (maybe it is 
written different to "zawal"..

Sounds great to me!

>In any case, you should get in touch with Hans Peter from the above cited post,
>as he seems to have some ideas similar to yours.
Spoke already with him, has some unrealistic ideas and isnt willed to 
discuss about that ;-(

This zawal really interrests me!

Could you answer me some questions:

1.) Does it run without the requirement of a native toolkit?
2.) Does it work without an underlaying AWT-Implementation (like biss)?
3.) Where can I find it?
4.) Is is faster than swing? (As you know I really dont linke 

Mfg Clemens

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