[kaffe] Kaffe as the main JVM

jerome moliere jmoliere at nerim.net
Wed Aug 13 03:49:01 PDT 2003


>> your answer points out my doubts because I saw code from the KaffeCE 
>> , but I'm not in touch with the project to be able to say that 's the 
>> version I need,
>> moreover  I never ran this version (I don't have Windows CE friendly 
>> machine)
> I've looked over the sources briefly, and they have implemented native 
> threading over win32, winCE and winnt APIs. The AWT is still X based, 
> On the other hand, kaffe.org kaffe comes with a Qt based AWT, which 
> works with Qt2, and so it could work with the free Qt2 version for 
> Windows, saving you from having to tell your users to download an X 
> implementation. But the Qt-AWT implementation is not as well tested as 
> the X11 one, so it may not be as stable. I'm rarely working with AWT 
> myself, so I can't tell.

I saw the X dependency from the kaffe code & sounds complicated to have 
such layer on windows !!!
but the other port , requiring  QT is not much more easy to use because 
this layer has a cost & I'm not sure I can afford a such cost.

In fact, my problem is a bandwith one, we must offer a solution 
requiring the smallest download as possible....

> http://www.rainer-keuchel.de/wince/kaffe.html also includes 
> Win32/WinNT tarballs with classfiles, which I assume is a version of 
> kaffe built for Win32 or WinNT, so you may not need a WinCE machine to 
> try it out.

I must have much more eleemnts before contacting rainer....

In fact what about the size of the lightest bundle : VM + QT ?( on windows)
we should deliver a solution with asize < 2Mb ?
that's precisely the size of the old JRE from Sun & IBM (1.1.8)


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