[kaffe] Bug Report: in particular for rmi

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Aug 19 08:03:01 PDT 2003

Jeremy Buisson wrote:
> Hi !

Re-salut ;)

> I noticed the merge, a bit later... In facts, I still have to complain :p

Good! Someone is looking over my shoulders!

> The version of GNU Classpath that have been merged still have bugs in 
> serialization code (at least in java.io.ObjectInputStream, method 
> readClassDescriptor which uses the wrong resolveClass method at the 
> wrong time, and then do not make use of redefined methods in derived 
> classes). Such bugs are fixed in newer versions of Classpath. So I 
> wonder whether there is a *nice* way to benefits from fixes in Classpath 
> when using Kaffe.

Guilhem has been fixing Classpath's code after he merged it in. I don't 
think his patches made it back into GNU Classpath already (they are in 
release freeze mode right now), but I hope they will. So if something 
broke during the merge effort, please post a test case (since the 
current serialization code passes all of kaffe's regression tests), and 
(if you can) a patch (if it's a simple merging issue, that shouldn't be 
that hard ;), so it can go into kaffe's CVS (and eventually Classpath's).

A nice (as in automated) way of merging the diffs between kaffe and 
classpath is not really possible, since some classes are different for a 
reason (like the RMISecurityManager from Classpath preventing RMI to 
work at all in kaffe ;). But any help for the merges is appreciated. I'm 
  trying to stage them more regularly, but wouldn't mind someone helping 
out, and pushing classpath merge patches to me more regularly.

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