[kaffe] IA-64 port works again in CVS tree

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 6 08:26:01 PST 2003


after I've got my hands on a ia64-linux box, I've
fixed some of this port's compilation problems. It
turned out to be a slip during the merge with Gwenole,
I must have missed a configure.in patch to check for
ia64intrin.h. Now it compiles, compiles the class
library and make check results in 34 failures. The
failures are attached. A lot of them look like
failures to compile a class.

There is a weird crash with the current sources,
though. It flies on its face after class library
compilation, during the creation of rt.jar with
kaffe's own kaffe.tools.jar.Jar . The second
invocation, with -uvf rt.jar META-INF/ as the
parameters, crashes. Without --enable-debug it looks
like a gc error, with --enable-debug I get a
NullPointerException in a native method in

That sounds like the problems we have on Cygwin. If
someone wants to take a look at it, I'd suggest
looking at the WinCE port, which apparently has fixed
some of the issues with kaffe's native zip

best regards,
dalibor topic

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