[kaffe] Kaffe(VM) is obsolte! *please read, some very interresting suggestions*

Dan Kegel dkegel at ixiacom.com
Tue Jan 7 13:25:02 PST 2003

Linuxhippy wrote:
> Kaffe is not powerful enough to be a java-replacement, in many part gcj
> beats kaffe in both, performance and plenarity.
> But GCJ has not those features, which so many people like on Java: No
> linker problems!
> There a three different Classpath implementations on the "market". First
> theres the GNU-Classpath implementation (I think this is the most
> useful, because every VM can use it without big effort), the
> Kaffe-Implementation and then the GCJ implementation.

IMHO there's room for both gcj and kaffe.

I do think some cosolidation would be good, but I think Dalibor is
doing a good job of vacuuming up improvements from various places
and bringing them into Kaffe.

I can't comment on mono (I'm emotionally unqualified to do so :-)

- Dan

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