[kaffe] 1.1.0 on M68k Amiga

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Mon Jul 7 00:12:01 PDT 2003

G'day Tony,

--- Tony Wyatt <wyattaw at optushome.com.au> wrote:

> Trying to get 1.1.0's JIT to work on the Amiga. It runs pre-compiled classes
> OK, but won't compile (ie, run kjc). It falls over with an NPE. The problem
> seems to be that a native method "fill InStackTrace" is requested with a
> zero codesize, no memory is allocated for the method, and consequently a
> null pointer is detected soon after.

It may not be of much help, but fillInstackTrace is a method provided by
Throwable used to fill in the stack trace when an exception or error is thrown.
Is it the only native method whose jitting fails?
> Don't I remember something about library incompatibilities some weeks ago?
> Dalibor, I think you mentioned a new release for testing the other day. I
> thought I had downloaded it, but no. Could you let me have the URL again?

Of course. It includes among other things more configuration tests to degrade
gracefully on systems not supporting IPv6. Unfortunately, you'll still have to
change the too long AC_something line in the configure script, I believe. But
libtool's command line checking should just assign AmigaOS's shell 8K instead
of checking its limit for hours, though ;) I'm still working on getting the
patches for libtool under AmigaOS into their CVS, but it seems that libtool's
patch dude is on vacation ;)

Anyway, here's the link:

As usual, I hope the networking support works on AmigaOS. If it doesn't please
post the gzip compressed output of 

make >& m68k-amigaos-faillog

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