[kaffe] Bug Report: in particular for rmi

Jeremy Buisson jbuisson at irisa.fr
Mon Jul 21 02:48:01 PDT 2003

In kaffe 1.1.0 and also in cvs: I don't exactly know where the true 
problem resides, but I can describe the symptoms...

This concerns the kaffe setup shell script, the internal class loader, 
and it appeared when I used RMI. For some reason, the 
kaffe.rmi.rmic.RMIC has a null ClassLoader. Then, when it tries to load 
the class for which stub and skeleton should be generated, the VM falls 
back to the internal class loader. Because the kaffe setup shell script 
(jre/bin/kaffe) sets the BOOTCLASSPATH environment variable to only 
reference runtime jars, rmic is only able to handle the classes of the 
runtime library. It is thus unusable.

In facts, I don't really know where the problem resides:
1) Should kaffe.rmi.rmic.RMIC have a null ClassLoader?
2) Should the internal class loader only be able to load classes 
accessible through BOOTCLASSPATH?
3) Should BOOTCLASSPATH only reference runtime classes?

Please, note that the same problem arises when executing applications 
that use RMI: the RMI runtime classes seem to all have a null ClassLoader.

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