Release Dates (was Re: [kaffe] Qt AWT backend works under Qtopia(Qt Palmtop))

Jim Pick jim at
Tue Jun 3 08:27:02 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 08:50, Kiyo Inaba wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> > On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 02:29, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> >> Yeah, I think 2003-06-04 should be the day when all features for the next
> >> version are in and the focus switches over to testing and fixing the
> >> platform-specific bugs and build-problems.
> >>
> >> That would make 2003-06-07 or 2003-06-08 the next release date.
> >Yep.  That's what I meant too...
> So, only 3 days available to adjust 'platform-specific' issues...
> This is the point for me why I asked the original question. If you
> plan to include some regression test results for several platforms
> in the release notes, this period becomes shorter than previous
> release. Of course, I don't remember clearly for the last time because
> it was 11 months ago :-)
> Just for your info, regression test on m68k takes more than 12 hours,
> and if I test all three configurations, the test itself may take this
> period ;-<
> Isn't it good time to consider maintaining development branch on which
> developers introduce new features, and release (or maintenance) branch
> on which developers can only modify bugs, or platform-specific issues?

Well, the original plan for 1.1.0 was to freeze on May 18th, and release
on June 1st.  Obviously, we didn't freeze on May 18th, and did not
release on June 1st.  I'll take the blame for that - I wasn't

My intention is to label the 1.1.x series of releases as "development
releases".  We'll do a big 1.2.0 release sometime in the future, which
we will label a "production release".  So we'll be following the
convention as the Linux kernel, where odd-numbered minor number releases
are development, and even-numbered minor number releases are production.

Here's a proposal for 1.1.1 - I think we should do a two month cycle. 
We should freeze on July 27th (bug fixes only afterwards), and release
on August 3rd.  That will give us a week of testing next time.  I don't
want to freeze for too long, because most of the things we call
"features" are actually just really big bug fixes.  :-)

As for regression test results - what I'd like to do is to get some more
automated reporting via the website.  And maybe we could snapshot that
for the development releases.  This seems like a longer term project
though, for future releases.


 - Jim

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