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Fri Jun 6 02:49:01 PDT 2003

Hi Samuel,

--- samuel <samuel at hectrix.com> wrote:

> 	First, I got an error show that the line 256 of toolkit.h("char  
> xor;") and it's fixed after I change it to ("char Xor"). I detailly  
> describe it is because I don't know will this affect the others.  

That's fixed in the CVS, since Wed Nov 27 18:32:56 2002, by me ;) So please do
yourself a favor and use the version from the CVS.

> 	After fixed the first error, it claim that my moc version not  
> compatiable. It's caused from the "evt.moc":  
> ******************************ERROR MESSAGE**************************  
> In file included from evt.cc:984:  
> evt.moc:15:2: #error "This file was generated using the moc from  
> 3.0.3. It"  
> evt.moc:16:2: #error "cannot be used with the include files from this  
> version of Qt."  
> evt.moc:17:2: #error "(The moc has changed too much.)"  
> /root/tools/qt-embedded-free-3.1.2/include/qstringlist.h: At top  
> level:  
> evt.cc:243: warning: `char *eventStr (int)' defined but not used  
> make: *** [evt.o] Error 1  
> ***************************END of ERROR MESSAGE**********************  

Again, this is fixed in the CVS. Moc files are now generated automatically.
> After I comment the error message from the "evt.moc", another error  
> appears.   
> ******************************ERROR MESSAGE**************************  
> gra.cc:99: parse error before `^'  
> gra.cc: In function `void Java_java_awt_Toolkit_graDrawPolygon (JNIEnv  
> *, void *, Graphics *, void *, void *, int)':  
> gra.cc:335: warning: unused variable `int n'  
> ***************************END of ERROR MESSAGE**********************  

and this one is fixen in the CVS as well, AFAIK.
> And many other error appears after the above change. What should I do?  
> I am only a beginner in kaffe, hope that someone can help me. Thanks  
> alot.  

Read http://www.kaffe.org/anoncvs.shtml , grab the latest source from the CVS,
and try again. Hopefully the qt stuff will work out of the box for you, it does
for me on my Mandrake box ...

I think I should remove the link to actual patch from the home page, and lead
kaffe qt developers to use current CVS for their own good :)

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