[kaffe] Debugging Kaffe with DDD

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Fri Jun 6 22:40:02 PDT 2003


Sorry, my description is wrong for the native environment.

> Setting environment variable 'KAFFE_DEBUG' to a debugger (mentioned
>in FAQ.debugging) is one idea, but I usually do different way for
>debug kaffe. This may help you if 'kaffe' wrapper does not work for

The 'kaffe-bin' in (at least) i686-linux built by native is shell
script which invokes '.libs/kaffe-bin' so this approach may not be
used. I usally tests only m68k, SH3 or mips target cross compiled
on i686-linux or i686-netbsd and have never noticed this. In the
later case 'kaffe-bin' is executables and still my approach can be

P.S. Is it better to add some descriptions in 'FAQ.cross-compiling'?

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