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Thu Jun 12 09:59:01 PDT 2003

hi Tony,

--- Tony Wyatt <wyattaw at optushome.com.au> wrote:
> Hi all Amiga lovers,
> Hello?
> hmmm, seems I'm the only one in the hall tonight . . .

I really should buy Cloanto's Emulation package someday, so I could revive my
Amiga memories someday ;)

> Firstly, the "maximum command line length" problem. Following a suggestion
> from Helmer, I have put a few Amiga-centric config variables into a file
> kaffe-1.1.0/config/$PLATFORM/$OS. Using the configure option
> "--cache-file=<xxx>", I was able to bypass the slow parts of the configure
> script without modifying any of the kaffe distribution.


Could you give my tarball on
http://www.kaffe.org/~robilad/kaffe-1.1.x-dt-1.tar.gz a try, and check if that
one doesn't suffer from that problem anymore? Then I could send a patch off to
libtool developers and have it fixed for their next release. ;)

> Also, the mystery of the Amiga crashing when configurating kaffe-1.1.0
> is discovered. It appears that some of the long strings of
> filenames in the configure files are overflowing a buffer somewhere and
> crashing the system. If I import the configure file into an editor and break
> up the two long strings (one near line 470, one near line 32770) into two
> lines, the configure proceeds without error.

I found the one on line 470, which seems to be an autoconf bug: all AC_SUBST-ed
symbols are output on the same line, instead of breaking up the line in smaller
parts. I'll file a bug with the autoconf team..

I haven'r spotted the one on line 32770 yet, could you elaborate what's on it
so I can grep for it?
> Building it is another problem. I get a system crash after about 45 minutes
> and so far I have been unable to observe it just before it happens. I
> suspect it's another buffer overflow error, but a Make Clean and re-Make
> doesn't always crash the next time.

that's the best kind of bugs ;)
> Current problem is that I get a link error when Make-ing /kaffevm:
> *** No rule to make target `../../libltdl/libltdlc.la', needed by
> `libkaffevm.la'.  Stop.
> Now when I look, there is no such file in /libltdl (probably the problem).
> But looking at the Makefile in /libltdl, I can not see anything wrong with
> the file contents (such as truncated lines which might prevent a file from
> being built).
> I have the file libltdl/libltdl.la OK. It's libltdl*C*.la which is missing.
> Can someone point me to where this file should come from? In the
> Makefile there is a line saying:

it should come from libltdl, it's the conveniernce library form of libltdl. See

http://sources.redhat.com/autobook/autobook/autobook_74.html#SEC74 . It builds
libltdlc.la for me on i686-linux as well ;)

> "#noinst_LTLIBRARIES = libltdlc.la" Does this mean "no install"?


> What is this library, anyway? Is it something  that my configuration thinks
> it doesn't need?

hm ... could you post your compressed libltdl/config.log ?

On a side note, given that you've spend the last couple of days finding bug
after bug in current automake/autoconf/libtool implementations, you might
consider subscribing to their mailing lists, getting the latest versions (kaffe
uses automake 1.7.5, autoconf 2.57, and libtool 1.5), building them, running
their regression test suites and posting some bug reports over there as well. I
bet they would appreciate someone taking care of fixing the Amiga port. Given
that more and more tools will make a transition to current versions of auto*
tools, that would be quite healthy for other projects porting GNU-ish software
to the Amiga as well ... especially once the new, fast PPC amigas arrive ;)

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