[kaffe] Porting KAFFE on XScale PXA250

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Nov 12 07:24:02 PST 2003

Ciao Valentini,

Valentini Marcello wrote:
> Hi all,
> has anyone ever tried to port KAFFE 1.0.7 on an Intel XScale PXA250
> processor? 

It's an arm, right? I thought it would just work then ;) But afaik, 
1.0.7 was quite broken on arm-linux, for example.

Seriously, though, Helmer fixed the arm jitter in the CVS, you may want 
to try that one out first, since I think he fixed a few bugs in the arm 

> I'm quite confident that there is enougth memory on my platform and that
> the patch in the config/arm/common.h file does'n impact in this case, so
> the problem must be caused by something else.
> Has anyone got the same problem? How can it be solved? Is there a patch
> or something else to apply?

Beside 'use the CVS, it should be much better on arm' and 'read 
FAQ/FAQ.debugging' for debugging tips, I'm afraid I can't offer much 
advice on that one. Make sure you get the interpreter working first, and 
proceed to the jit afterwards, as the interpreter can give you tons of 
debugging output (./configure --enable-debugging, run with kaffe 
-vmdebug list for a list of options) which could prove helpful in your task.

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