[kaffe] Re: Re: Last Time Kaffe Worked on Darwin/OS X

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Sat Apr 24 06:21:12 PDT 2004

In <ACA1FB54-9588-11D8-A833-000393AA19AE at verizon.net> Michael Franz  
> I was able to get Kaffe-1.0.7 to compile and run on OS X 10.1.5.  It 
> failed 6 of the 115 tests.  The build errors I was getting was due to 
> linking in the math libraries (GMP I think) which I do not have.  
> Undefining MATH_LIB in kaffe/libraries/clib/native/Makefile fixed the 
> problem.
This is very good. We know that 1.0.7 did work on 10.1, 1.0.7 fails to 
link on 10.2, so maybe if it did it would work.
> What would be the proper way of fixing this?  Is the GMP library 
> necessary for version 1.0.7?
configure with --enable-pure-java-math
this will you give slower performance of course, but is a nice solution 
until further things are fixed


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