[kaffe] compiling rt.jar in Kaffe 1.1.4

Nils Ratusznik nils.ratusznik at gruik.net
Wed Apr 28 01:31:02 PDT 2004

Hello everybody!

I'm trying de reduce the size of the Kaffe JVM, the final goal is to use
Kaffe with uClinux on a Motorola Coldfire card.

I noticed that the rt.jar file is very big, and saw in the FAQ's it is
possible to reduce its size. I managed to have a 1.9Mo rt.jar by
suppressing files in the archive, but I think I could save more space by
recompiling it.

The operation "make Klasses" in the "Compiling the classes" section of the
FAQ embedded seems not to exist... I don't know what to do :(

If someone can help me...
Thanks a lot in advance.
Nils Ratusznik
Linux User #339713

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