[kaffe] compiling rt.jar in Kaffe 1.1.4

Nils Ratusznik nils.ratusznik at gruik.net
Wed Apr 28 09:09:04 PDT 2004

Thanks for your answer, Dalibor!

> Yes, you could leave the debugging information out for a simple start.

In fact, that's I did by adding the good options to the ./configure

>> The operation "make Klasses" in the "Compiling the classes" section of
>> the
>> FAQ embedded seems not to exist... I don't know what to do :(
> in your build directory, cd libraries/javalib and *then* "make Klasses"
> (or just "make").

I did it... Here is the result :
$ make (or make Klasses, the result is the same)
cp /home/nils/kaffe-1.1.4/./libraries/javalib/rt-precompiled.jar rt.jar

After reading the FAQ about compiling the class library I tried to use the
autogen.sh script, without good results : autogen destroyed aclocal.m4 and
then complained about the fact it couldn't find it :(

> Another crazy idea off the top of my head would be to
> * use some bytecode shrinking utility to reduce the size of the class
> library
> * use a bytecode optimizer to 'optimize' methods in the class library
> * use an obfuscator to keep only the classes required for your application
> * split off runtime classes you don't need to load in your application
> into a separate archive and use something else (tar+bz2) to compress
> them (and a separate tar+bz2 aware class loader to access them)
> * reduce coupling between library classes :)

Okay, I'm very intersted... what are the names of these wonderful
utilities? I used "strip" in order to reduce .so files, but it doesn't
work with rt.jar since it is an archive, not a binary-object file :(

May the Force be with me, I'll need it ;)
Nils Ratusznik
Linux User #339713

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