[kaffe] Using Kaffe with remote debugging via Eclipse

Woloszynski, Charles Charles.woloszynski at innocon.com
Wed Aug 18 12:23:31 PDT 2004


JPDA is just the architecture around JVMDI, so your work is directly
relevant.  I would greatly appreciate if you could look around and see
if you could pass along with work in any form you might have (including

I am not sure about the JVM GetEnv patch and its status.  Any chance you
can dig that up too would be greatly appreciated.  From what I found via
google, the GetEnv stuff looks like it got very close to being passed

See http://www.mail-archive.com/kaffe@rufus.w3.org/msg01124.html

Now I understand the relationship between the call and support for

Thanks in advance,


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Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org> writes:

> Woloszynski, Charles wrote:
> > I am looking to use Kaffe as the target VM for an embedded system.  
> > We would like to use Eclipse as the development IDE.  Has anyone 
> > worked on supporting remote debugging (JPDA) under kaffe?  I saw 
> > some old posts that this was partly done.  Can anyone comment on its

> > status?
> Hi Charles,
> unfortunately, there is no JDPA implementation for Kaffe available. 
> I've CC:ed Derek L Davies, who did some work on JPDA support in 2000, 
> maybe he can comment on the status of his work, and point you to 
> unmerged patches.

I did work on JVMDI back then, but I don't follow Java stuff anymore and
don't know what JPDA is or how relavent my stuff would be.  JVMDI is a
low level protocol for debugging and when I stopped working on it I had
hacked together just enough to step, set breakpoints and do some
variable inspection.  This was against 1.6 I think.  I'm not even sure I
still have the code, but if you really think it would help I could look
around for it.  I had a jvmdi.h file too, which took a while to type up,
but is very straightforward (I generated it directly from the spec).
Also, I think my patch for the JVM GetEnv method was applied but I'm not
certain.  I probably posted it to the mailing list at least.


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