[kaffe] Kaffe on NSLU2

Jari Korva jpkorva at iki.fi
Mon Dec 20 01:47:38 PST 2004


I've managed to build a working kaffe for IXP by pulling the sources from
CVS and configuring with the following options:

./configure --prefix=/wrk/arm --build=i686-linux
--host=armv5b-softfloat-linux --enable-xscale --without-x
--disable-alsatest --disable-esdtest --disable-sound --enable-pure-java-math
--with-jikes=/opt/local/bin/jikes --without-classpath-gtk-awt
--without-kaffe-qt-awt --without-kaffe-x-awt --with-threads=unix-pthreads
--with-engine=intrp --enable-debug --enable-xdebugging

If this does not work for you, please provide a bit more detail (which
kaffe, compiler etc. versions you used).


On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Sam wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been trying to get Kaffe running on a Linksys Network Storage Link
> (www.nslu2-linux.org), a Intel IXP420 Network Processor based device.  I managed
> to compile Kaffe with minimal changes (used --host=arm-linux and removed one
> '##' from jthread.c to avoid a preprocessor error).
> But, it doesn't seem to run.  Anytime I run java or javac, the following error
> occurs:
>   ~ $ /usr/local/kaffe/bin/java ./test.class
>   Internal error: caught an unexpected exception.
>   Please check your CLASSPATH and your installation.
>   java/lang/NullPointerException
>           at java.io.File.<clinit>(File.java:33)
>   Aborted
> Any hints on how to approaching fixing this would be much appreciated.
>  -- Sam
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