[kaffe] Re: bugwatcher problems

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Jan 22 07:06:02 PST 2004

Hi Mark, hi Tim,

Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 12:32, Mark Howard wrote:
>>  I was hoping that some Debian Java experts might be able to help out
>>with a couple of problems with bugwatcher (debbuggtk package).
>>  Bugwatcher works with gij or blackdown java
>>  My wrapper scripts just call /usr/bin/java, since both of the above
>>  create this. This has two problems:
>>  - my programs don't work if java alternative is set to something else
> I got it working (more or less, there are some little issues that I have
> to look into) with kaffe. But not with the kaffe package from Debian.

Thanks! That's some good news.

> The Debian kaffe package is compiled with unix-jthreads, but gtk
> (java-gnome) needs pthread support. When you recompile kaffe configured
> --with-threads=unix-pthreads then you can play with bugwatcher like you
> can with gij. (Thread system unix-pthread is also needed to run e.g.
> Eclipse with swt/gtk bindings).
> What do the kaffe developers think. Should kaffe default to pthreads on
> systems that support it? 

Yeah, seems like that would make sense. Especially as one doesn't have 
to deal with figuring out SP_OFFSET and FP_OFFSET, which seems to be 
quite tricky on arm-linux, for example.

Tim, what's your take on this? I've seen that JanosVM 1.0 includes a new 
threading system, jthreads2, would it make sense to merge it in, and use 
it instead of jthreads where possible?

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