[kaffe] J2ME job opening in Boston, MA

John Spencer JSpencer at optimaleng.com
Wed Sep 22 09:03:11 PDT 2004

Hello All,
I have a client that is looking to fill a couple of contract openings for
J2ME developers in greater Boston, MA. I need engineers that have strong
J2ME experience on several mobile phone platforms (i.e. Nokia, Motorola,
Samsung, etc). In addition to strong J2ME skills my client needs someone
with strong overall Java skills. This person must be willing to work on site
at the customer site in the Boston area.

Please call me or send me an email with your resume so I can get back to
you, to discuss the details of this opening. I will not send your resume
anywhere without talking to you first.


John Spencer
(978) 256-1113 ext 108
jspencer at optimaleng.com

"Your Optimal partner for real-time, embedded and systems development


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