[kaffe] Where to get prebuilt win32 binaries?

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Sep 30 02:52:17 PDT 2005

Clemens Eisserer wrote:
> HI Dalibor,
> *gg* of course I understand your concerns and that you do not want to
> spend time building packages - but in fact windows should be many
> times easier than any linux distro out there.

In essence, the only port for win32 that exists and builds and works a
bit is the Cygwin port, which, by the nature of the beast, requires
Cygwin, afaict. So preferrably, it should be in Cygwin, along with all
the other nice software in there.

I've received Cygwin patches for the previous versions from some Cygwin
maintainers, so there may be someone willing to pick it up, and package
it. I will ask around, though I believe the Cygwin folks I know are busy
packaging databases.

There is another port, which would not need Cygwin, but that port would
need someone to merge it over (config/i386/ming32 from pocketlinux
module in kaffe's CVS), and in the last years noone really volunteered,
so feel free to go at it. Merging in ports into Kaffe is not that hard,
if you have the tools (in this case, mingw32), time and interest.

> Just a simple zip-archive somewhere in ~robilad since you've built it
> already ... *please* *double please* *tripple please*

Actually ... it's all gone now. :(

I've managed to trash my win98 partition last night (HIMEM.SYS went into
neverland), so I'll be doing the windows reinstallation ritual again,
eventually, since I need qt4 on win32 for some other things. I can't
promise when I'll have a Cygwin setup back, though.

(Yeah, I have not bought computers with Windows in a while, so Win98 is
the very latest and finest in Microsoft operating system I own. :)

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