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Tue Feb 13 05:13:56 PST 2007

Tony Wyatt wrote:

>Hi all,
>It seems I've been down this road many years ago with M68K on the old AmigaOS. 
>Well, now I'm at it again using the new PPC AmigaOS, so here come all the
>damn fool questions again.

It's great to have you back, Tony!

>Trying to build 1.1.7, I found when I tried to Make that the classpath branch
>had not been configured. So I went into classpath and tried to configure it.
>It fell over because it says that it can't find javac and that I
>should use jikes or some other compiler. I told it to use jikes but of
>course I don't have jikes for the PPC Amiga so that isn't going anywhere.
If you have a C++ compiler for amigaos-ppc, you should be able to just
./configure && make && make install the jikes 1.22 sources from 
jikes.sf.net .

Unless you have gtk+ installed, you'll want to pass --disable-gtk-peer 
to kaffe's configure as well,
and since you are on powerpc, --with-engine=intrp.

>Now I'm in the position that I can't compile Kaffe without classpath and I
>can't compile classpath without a java compiler and I can't ... you get the
Yeah, bootstrapping is always a pain. In case it doesn't work out with 
jikes, you can use the

--with-glibj-zip argument to configure to give it the path to the glibj.zip 
(i.e. rt.jar in GNU Classpath's terminology), that's been built on another system.

>Have I missed something or do I have to build up a Linux system to bootstrap
>myself onto the Amiga?
I hope that you don't have to built a linux system for it. If you run 
into trouble bootstrapping, join us on
IRC on #kaffe on irc.freenode.org

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